over and over how easy it is to do, that they can make money in their sleep, etc. What their NOT told is how much work is actually involved to GET to that point.

Then there are those who simply don’t want to make the effort. They buy product after product, open it up and see that work is involved, then stop right then and there. Then they wonder why they are not having the success they feel they deserve.

At the end of the day, it comes down to focus and desire. The true desire to succeed, then the power of focus to study and put in to action what they learn.

It also helps a lot to laser focus on one or two particular things at a time. For example, focus on becoming a killer copy writer, or perhaps article marketing, or creating and selling products. In the internet marketing world, there are so many of these sub-niches that it can be hard to focus on just one or two.

So right now, perhaps you’re at that point – trying to pare down your focus on one particular subject. I can help you…

RIS Monthly Membership  gives you 40 sub-niche  internet marketing websites to focus on, and right now, you can grab this new technology at “half Price”. Each membership site comes complete with killer content and a monthly newsletter continuity program. All we ask is that you pick a site you like and focus on marketing. RIS Monthly Membership does all the rest for you.

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