Hello Everyone,

Today I want to bring your attention to a new advertising resource brought to you by our friend James of Lead Gusher fame. :)

It is called Advertise Your Business Now!

This new resource is similar to lead gusher where it brings you organic leads from google and yahoo searches with one big difference.

When you leads are captured they will also be imported into your GVO eresponder campaign.

I must say I am VERY impressed with the early results from this new resource, I signed up on Friday by Saturday night I have 5 new organic leads.

You can utilize this new resource for free and I would suggest that you seriously consider the OTO for a lifetime of free traffic and leads and a chance to earn some good money from  upgrades.

Go set your account up now and let me know how well it is performing for you.

P.S. Spend some time in the help section and follow James’s advise on using the keyword tools for the best results.



Oh yea add me to skype: gardner.scot and lets chat about your primary business!



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