Build Your Own Killer Capture Page Using Word Press



Want to learn how to create you  own killer capture pages using Word Press?

How about some free video training showing you exactly how to do just that!

With the  free training from United For Wealth Mastery Course it takes you step by step in a series of videos from start to finish including setting up your and they even include some free templates.

Take the mystery out of creating capture pages and get started today for Free!

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Skype me if you have any questions!



How To Create And Embed A Shared Group Calendar for your blog


Using Gmail you can create a public shared calendar and embed the calendar into a page for your blog.

Here is an example team calendar that I use for my team

Step 1: Get yourself a gmail account if you do not already have one @

Step 2. Watch the video to see step by step how to create a publicly shared calendar

Step 3. Grab the embed code from the Google Calendar settings and create a new page for your blog

Step 4. Paste the embed code into your blog page and select Full Page under the Page Attributes sidebar.

Step 5. Share your new page with your team members.

Step 6. Remember to update your calendar often with new trainings and events.

I am available on Skype if you have any questions for need assistance. [skype-status]


Scot Gardner

Your Second Income Coach

GVOC ~ How To Create an Embded GVO Conference Page

I have had requests to create an instructional video on how to embed your GVO Conference room into a web page so watch the video above and download the included zip file for the Code used in this video.

These are the basic steps.

1. Download the attached file.

2. Unzip the file and open the index.htm file in NotePad or other text/html editor
3. Replace the GVOC Banner Code with YOUR Banner code from the GVOC Backoffice
4. Replace the room ID where noted with Your Conference Room ID
5. Remove or replace the optional Woopra code with your own
6. Save the modified index.htm file
7. Upload it to your webserver

If you have any questions please contact me on Skype [skype-status] and I will be glad to help you.

Make It A Great Day!

-Scot Gardner

P.S. If you do not already have your own GVO Conference room you can register here to get yours!

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Are You Multilingual?

I am in search of a few people that are fluent in English and one or more of the following languages.

  • Portugese
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Russian
There is a new product launching this month that is going to make history in the online world and if you are multilingual you are in the perfect place and time to grow your business like never before.
Please contact me or catch me on Skype:
Warmest Regards.
Scot Gardner
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