Build Your Own Killer Capture Page Using Word Press



Want to learn how to create you  own killer capture pages using Word Press?

How about some free video training showing you exactly how to do just that!

With the  free training from United For Wealth Mastery Course it takes you step by step in a series of videos from start to finish including setting up your and they even include some free templates.

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Advertise Your Business Now ~ Organic Lead Generation


Hello Everyone,

Today I want to bring your attention to a new advertising resource brought to you by our friend James of Lead Gusher fame. :)

It is called Advertise Your Business Now!

This new resource is similar to lead gusher where it brings you organic leads from google and yahoo searches with one big difference.

When you leads are captured they will also be imported into your GVO eresponder campaign.

I must say I am VERY impressed with the early results from this new resource, I signed up on Friday by Saturday night I have 5 new organic leads.

You can utilize this new resource for free and I would suggest that you seriously consider the OTO for a lifetime of free traffic and leads and a chance to earn some good money from  upgrades.

Go set your account up now and let me know how well it is performing for you.

P.S. Spend some time in the help section and follow James’s advise on using the keyword tools for the best results.



Oh yea add me to skype: and lets chat about your primary business!



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GVO Take Action Tuesday

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I was playing around today with Manycam and realized that I can show my desktop, I know not a big deal right?

Then I was on twitter and looking at  today’s trending topics and saw that Twitcam was trending, so I checked it out.

Do you see where I am going with this yet?  No? then read on.

What if I could stream a live webinar via twitcam to the twitterverse…. Well that’s just what I did with GVO’s Take Action Tuesday using ManyCam and Twitcam’s livestream it is now archived for you to enjoy at your leasure.

So with limited comercial interruption here is Tonights Take Action Tuesday with Mark Call and Ken Hammond.

I will do a separate blog post later this week with step by step instructions to show you how you can also stream your next webcast to the twitterverse!



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I was going through my hard drive this morning, looking over some old eBooks I have accumulated over the years and I came across one in particular that was apart of some viral ebook explosion and I feel is still relevant today.

It’s called Six Steps To Six Figures with List Marketing and it includes some very useful tactics for developing and growing you email marketing list.

Here is a list of the main components that I found to be really clever.

  • P – Promote Your List
  • R – Reward the  optin
  • O – Offer a proposal
  • F – Fixate Attention
  • I – Initiate a response
  • T – Thwart the filters

As you may have already noticed it spells out PROFIT!

Anyway I have decided to bring this out into circulation again and offer it to you for no cost.

Just fill out the form below and you will receive a link via email to download the eBook. You will also be subscribing to my 5 day eCourse on BRANDING YOURSELF the Know Like And Trust Factor.

So enjoy the ebook and have a great day!



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Happy Fathers Day

Happy Father Day!

I am so blessed, this morning my children  let me sleep in for a change :)

When I came down stairs my youngest Cody was so excited that I was finally awake (8:30 am) He then presented me with his Lego Creation of me playing miniature golf.

I also received 3 bags of chocolate candy :) and my personal favorite a book.

The Best Of Norman Rockwell.

I hope all you Dad’s have also enjoyed your day so far.

Head on over to and take advantage of the pre-launch contest and sign up for your free account.

You pharmacies will be able to get in on some of the best training that the Internet has to offer.