I have been asked several times either via email, or phone calls How do I order Slender-pops?

There are four ways actually to order slenderpops..

1. Buy them directly from the person that introduced them to you.

Many times distributors have bags on hand that they will gladly sell to you for retail prices may vary from $35.00 – $45.00 a bag depending on where you live.

2. Sign up as a Preferred Customer. (Recommended if purchasing for your own use)

You can signup at Sisel International’s Web site  as a preferred customer and buy them for the same price as a distributor purchases them

  • Buy them by the bag for $28.00 a bag
  • Buy them in lots of 4 bags for $26.00 a bag
  • Buy a case of 10 bags for $26.00 a bag

As a preferred customer you will also receive award points that are good for future purchases of not just Slenderpops but twards any of Sisel Internationals products.

3. Sign up as a Distributor. (Recommended if you want to resell them)

By signing up as a Direct Independent Sisel Distributor for just $20.00 You have just started your own business where you can resell Slenderpops as well as other Sisel products such as the Triangle of Life Liquid Nutritional products (Eternity, FuCoyDon and SpectraMax)

and earn commissions and bonuses, the best pay plan I have ever seen in the network marketing arena.

4. Sign up as a Commercial Account (Recommended for salons, shops or other retail outlets)

Here is how to sign up as either a Preferred Customer Or a Distributor  and place your order for Slenderpops…

1. Go to either of the following Web sites



2. Click the Signup button in the upper right hand corner of the page






3. Choose Either Distributor, Preferred Customer or Commercial Member



4.  Fill out your information on the form


The sponsor ID should already be filled out for you, if not enter the following sponsor ID USA0520557

(Note: If you happened to go to the corporate Web site (http://siselinternational.com) then you will need to input the

sponsor ID as this is a required field.


5. Proceed to the products page and select SlenderPops from the choices then enter the quantity and proceed to check out.

It really is a simple process once you have decided what type of of member you are :)

All of Sisel’s products are fantastic and they do work very well…

If you would like any further help please connect with me on Skype: gardner.scot or give me a call, I will be more than happy to assist you

with the signup process.


Make it a great day!

Scot Gardner


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