and is a constituent of red wine. Resveratrol is also a polyphenolic compound which is found in grapes, red wine, purple grape juice, peanuts, and some berries.  Resveratrol may help prevent heart disease by increasing levels of “good” cholesterol and protecting against artery damage.

Additionally, Resveratrol  could extend one’s life by postponing or slowing the diseases we associate with aging; such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease and more.

Resveratrol appears to work by activating an enzyme known as quinine reductase, which renders  cancer-causing estrogens harmless.  Resveratrol is considered safe at the modest doses available in the dietary supplements.

Resveratrol benefits are many, including increased weight loss, anti-aging and age repair properties, and enhanced ability to fight cancer and other   diseases.  SISEL Eternity contains a potent energy blend made from Brazilian Cha-de-Bugre and grape skin, green tea, and green coffee bean extracts  In addition, it contains a potent antioxidant blend of pomegranate, plum, and raspberry concentrates

The immense benefits of resveratrol in Sisel Eternity are effectively complemented with a blend of extremely potent antioxidant‘s such as concentrates of raspberry, plum and pomegranate.

SISEL Eternity is one of the most powerful Resveratrol supplements. SISEL uses nanotechnology to make Eternity up to 250 times more available than encapsulated Resveratrol   Each one-ounce serving of SISEL Eternity supplies approximately 124 mg of Resveratrol. SISEL Eternity is one of the most potent Resveratrol supplements available

It’s great  to find a company making such incredible products available internationaly  so everyone can enjoy ultimate health benefits.

For more information on Eternity and other Sisel products please visit Sisel Internationals Web Site

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