S.I.C. Second Income Coach

The System You’ve Been Looking For To Build Your Business

Scot Gardner Second Income Coach

Hi my name is Scot Gardner and I am a Linux Systems Administrator.

During Gerry Schroeder’s  training series offered free through GVO and using his strategies I have learned how how to transition myself from an Internet Marketer pushing products to a Network Marketer and Relationship builder.

I work full time as a Linux System Admin and after years of being involved in some form or another with the Internet I decided it was time to dabble in Internet Marketing and try to cash in on some the billions being spent online by people just like me.

I needed a second family income program that was easy to follow and understand.

I was slamed daily with email offers promoting everything from PLR eBooks to selling coffee. during that time I also purchased many of those ebooks so I could atempt to learn the skills needed to market to people that needed what I had.

Here I am a year later and have taught myself a lot about Internet marketing but I still have not made the kind of money that I was hoping to.

Then I received a call from my friend Clayton Wilson, he cut through all the BS and got right to the point. He told me straight up that I needed to learn the proper skill sets to succeed online and he in turn introduced me to Gerry Schroeder. I think for the first time in a year I may have found a mentor and a team that really cares about what I am trying to do. This team is available 24/7 for me to answer to my questions and they are teaching me real strategies and the proper skills that really work.

Gerry’s teaching style is simple and straight forward just the way I like it. I have learned so much from him is such a short period of time there really is no other program that has ever taught me this much. I am finally earning a second income for my family with this program.

Now let’s talk about Second Income Coaching and S.I.C.

What is Second Income Coach – S.I.C.

S.I.C. is a Funded Proposal and Funded Sponsoring all rolled into one. It’s a  Complete Marketing System that is currently In Pre-Launch.

  • It’s about helping others
  • Learning the skill set required in order to grow
  • Developing Long Term Income
  • Learning the Power of Leveraging
  • Learning to Earn from Multiple Income Streams
  • Learning from the Best Online and Off
  • We Will create Ten Thousandaires

What is a funded proposal system?

Funded Proposals and Systems are really nothing more than the tools, training and products that will put money in your pocket now so you can continue to grow your existing business.

Did you know that the best product to sell online is YOU?

When you sign up and progress through S.I.C. training  People WILL want to Partner with YOU!

You will be part of an An Inter-Network Marketing Team that will help you with People Relation-shipping, People Friend-shipping. This Inter-Network marketing Team Works Together Helping Everyone To Make Money Online. In this team there are No Ego’s No Bad Attitudes and we Leverage One Another For Greater Success.

What Will S.I.C. Do for you?

Working with S.I.C. will Hold You Accountable, it will teach you how to get good quality Leads, how to blog with the best of them. S.I.C. will teach you how to how to use Social Marketing effectively and how to advertise effectively. You will also learn to develop multiple income streams and how to understand and become effective in your list building. You will finally become the goto person, the hunted person that people Know, Like and Trust. You WILL lean the complete skill set needed to succeed Online and Off.

S.I.C. Will teach you the Power Of Leveraging. How to leverage  your PR rankings, how to leverage your time and skill sets. S.I.C wil also teach you how to leverage your lists and how to JV partner with others.

So what are you waiting for? take action now and sign up for S.I.C. and join me on an adventure and lets reach our dreams together as a team.