Has Facebook Lost It’s Personal Touch?

For a while now I have had this feeling that Facebook has become non responsive, reminding me of  my feelings on twitter. I feel that both of these mediums have passed their peek, had their 15 minutes of fame so to speak.

So yesterday I posted a simple question to my Facebook friends to see what kind response if any I would get.

I  posted a status update in the form a question, the question was “What is the first thing that you need to be successful online?”

It took a while but finally someone stepped up to the plate and entered in what he thought was the best answer. We actually had a nice little exchange going which made me start to question my initial feelings, but as the day wore on I didn’t get any more responses to the question.

So this morning I thought I would try again with a new question, with a question that buy propecia online no prescription wouldn’t be considered as a marketing tactic. :) So I asked “Do you have a bucket list? well here it is 7:30PM EST and not a single response to my question, now mind you its not like I have a small friend base, I have 759 friends on this account.

So am I wrong? Is anybody really reading the status updates, or are they just pitching their product or opportunity and not taking the time to interact with each other. If you didn’t notice twitter has been this way for months, to me it seems that it’s just a bunch of marketers marketing to other marketers. If this is the case, what is the next BIG thing? or has human interaction in this new medium gone for good?

Oh and by the way the answer that I was looking for in my first question was a mindset, it is the first thing that you need to have success online.

Let me know your thoughts in the form of a comment below.


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