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I was playing around today with Manycam and realized that I can show my desktop, I know not a big deal right?

Then I was on twitter and looking at  today’s trending topics and saw that Twitcam was trending, so I checked it out.

Do you see where I am going with this yet?  No? then read on.

What if I could stream a live webinar via twitcam to the twitterverse…. Well that’s just what I did with GVO’s Take Action Tuesday using ManyCam and Twitcam’s livestream it is now archived for you to enjoy at your leasure.

So with limited comercial interruption here is Tonights Take Action Tuesday with Mark Call and Ken Hammond.

I will do a separate blog post later this week with step by step instructions to show you how you can also stream your next webcast to the twitterverse!



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I was going through my hard drive this morning, looking over some old eBooks I have accumulated over the years and I came across one in particular that was apart of some viral ebook explosion and I feel is still relevant today.

It’s called Six Steps To Six Figures with List Marketing and it includes some very useful tactics for developing and growing you email marketing list.

Here is a list of the main components that I found to be really clever.

  • P – Promote Your List
  • R – Reward the  optin
  • O – Offer a proposal
  • F – Fixate Attention
  • I – Initiate a response
  • T – Thwart the filters

As you may have already noticed it spells out PROFIT!

Anyway I have decided to bring this out into circulation again and offer it to you for no cost.

Just fill out the form below and you will receive a link via email to download the eBook. You will also be subscribing to my 5 day eCourse on BRANDING YOURSELF the Know Like And Trust Factor.

So enjoy the ebook and have a great day!



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Shopping Genie Rocks ~ Testimonial

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Marketing Tools – Easy Video Producer

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I want to tell you a little about easy video producer that is included at no extra cost in your Titanium Hosting account from GVO

Here are just some of the features that are included with easy video producer.

  • Record online
  • Record offline with my web cam or video camera and upload it
  • Full player controls
  • Include linked GVO watermark
  • Enable or disable the controls on the player
  • Redirect to any url after video completion (Great for an Opt-In Page)
  • Email your video to friends, family or business contacts
  • Easly embed your video in any webpage or embed your video with the click of a button into
    one of the many included professional templates

You would easily pay hundreds of dollars for this service alone from other providers and it is all included with your Titanium Hosting account.

You can try out Easy Video Producer and all of the other fantastic marketing tools that come with your Titanium hosting account
for just a buck! Yes only $1.00 to test drive the entire Titanium system for 14 days and after your trial you will only pay $44.95 a month for everything! Now how is that for a great deal!

Find out more at iLoveGVO.com

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iLoveGVO.com ~ It’s More Than Just Hosting

height=”360″ src=”http://www.gogvo.com/evp/player/GVOplayer.swf?vkey=81f18185cfb694cb5661&autoplay=false&noctrl=false&bgcolor=0xffffff&color=0xffffff&wm=true&fitp=false&curl=” quality=”high” allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true” align=”middle”>

Here is more information about how you can earn a substantial income, simply by building relationships. It’s an Online Breakthrough.

Have you ever set someone up on a blind date? Facilitated a lucrative business contact for an associate? Set up a coveted job interview for a friend? Has anyone ever done these things for you?

The online hosting industry is changing drastically, and GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities) is leading the way with a never before seen business in a box that anyone can operate.

Just like our everyday lives. It is all about building relationships.

With GVO…..

YOU earn the loot!

  • Earn on a 2X10 forced Matrix!
  • Receive live support and marketing tools designed to promote your success!

Visit the following link, don’t wait another second: iLoveGVO.com

NOW is the time to take your position! You have the enviable availability to be at the TOP of one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Online Hosting and Building your electronic profile.

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