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I was playing around today with Manycam and realized that I can show my desktop, I know not a big deal right?

Then I was on twitter and looking at  today’s trending topics and saw that Twitcam was trending, so I checked it out.

Do you see where I am going with this yet?  No? then read on.

What if I could stream a live webinar via twitcam to the twitterverse…. Well that’s just what I did with GVO’s Take Action Tuesday using ManyCam and Twitcam’s livestream it is now archived for you to enjoy at your leasure.

So with limited comercial interruption here is Tonights Take Action Tuesday with Mark Call and Ken Hammond.

I will do a separate blog post later this week with step by step instructions to show you how you can also stream your next webcast to the twitterverse!



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