If you just want to lose weight pick a diet … Any diet, research has shown that most popular diets will help you drop a few pounds, at the very least short term.

If you would like to get ripped thats a different matter, you don’t actually desire to lose weight … You want to lose body fat. Most diets allow you to lose weight but most of the time they help people get smallerBuild muscle & Burn Fat but not harder and leaner. To optimize your body composition and physique, you need a serious nutrition plan that:

  • Is rich in high-quality protein to support muscle growth;
  • Contains enough fiber for healthy digestion;
  • Supplies the full spectrum of nutrients your body needs for peak performance and recovery;
  • Primes your body to shed surplus fat;
  • Leaves you feeling satisfied, and not hungry or irritable.
  • Foremost a system that will keep the fat off … for good!

This is what the EPXBody challenge is about!

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